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Best Way Text Inter-Device Synchronization Note In the blink of an eye

Often we experience a sudden flood of ideas but noted his lazy because of the many devices that we had but disconnected from each other. There is a work laptop, home PC there is no smartphone but are not interchangeable synchronization record his ideas and so on. Though the idea came unplanned and may not be coming back again.

In addition to writing ideas, the most lazy that the exchange of information between devices. Let be the telephone number of emails on the laptop working, really lazy right must be typed manually in the handphone. Or can the account number of sms on mobile phone, must be typed on the computer again as would be used for internet banking transactions.

Mentioned above are trivial matters that often disrupt our productivity whether it be related to work, business or personal. I include experiencing the problems above. It used to be the most conventional way to sync notes or exchange text I usually use the email medium, although not very practical because it had to type the email address yourself, push the send button and refresh the inbox. So the email inbox of the email contents myself hehe.

Then I look how is that the solution is not to use a smooth seamless alias complicated. Before I submit the-best-way I try to describe his first solution of two well-known IT companies.
Apple Got Handoff
Apple Handoff, simple but closed ekosistemnyaa

Apple Handoff, simple but closed ekosistemnyaa

Apple understands this problem well, so in the application of the latest iOS and Mac OSX, they cultivate handoff feature. Where we do activities in a single device then moves directly to another device can continue this activity with a smooth (without push any button). For example typing documents, listen to music or watch movies.

Still good, but we have to have a device from Apple all T_T .. iphone, macbook and imac. This solution feels okay but not everyone can do.

We need a solution that can be used by anyone with a mobile device and a computer has.
Evernote Somewhat mubadzir
Evernote, very complete and complex

Evernote, very complete and complex

Evernote service is very popular, many people use it. In addition to cross-platform synchronization device, eg iOS to Android or PC to Mac, Evernote also supports many media such as photos, links, web scrap, project etc.

The problem is, I do not need it all. I tend to prefer text-based processing. Want simpen link, yes copy and paste the text of his. Want simpen web yes copy paste its url link. Want to save an image from a website, so copy and paste the source link. So I need text only. Not macem-macem.

So Evernote for me mubadzir. In addition, according to some of the reviews on Evernote too many buttons, yet our purpose tablets seamless, smooth blink of an eye. I have tried many times to install in your PC in the smartphone not been used.
Simplenote Best Choice (for Me)

I finally found a solution using Simplenote. This Simplenote pure text synchronization between devices. Video above is a demonstration of how synchronization occurs every word typed between computer and iPad instantly. This solution does not apply to media such as pictures or videos or documents. Some advantages over Apple Handoff and Evernote are:

    Sesimple Apple where we do not need to push any buttons for synchronizing. Type and in an instant on other devices will be updated.
    Cross-platform like Evernote that can be accessed from anywhere. To support iOS and Android smartphones. For computer support Mac OSX and Windows. In fact quite the browser only we could use Simplenote.

This article itself I make cross-device, initially in the Chrome browser, then I continue on Iphone. Quite easy:

    Register or register to simplenote.com with certain email and password
    Install the application on your smartphone (for itunes here, for android here) are all free
    For a computer or laptop can use the browser to http://app.simplenote.com or install applications natively.
    Login in each device and testing done by typing

Features in Simplenote itself is very simple but powerful, among others, could do:

    Tagging for grouping records
    Doing pinning that particular record is always at the top
    Sharing user to others to share notes or record besama
    Publish as a public link
    Instant search with keywords
    Time Machine backups every version berubahan
    And can also be downloaded as a zip.

How to use is not there, just stay put alias, you simply type in your ideas or important notes then forget. In an instant are synchronized across all devices and can be passed if necessary. Few tips make app.simplenote.com as pinned tabs in Chrome so that it will always be there when needed. Hope it is useful.

Kamis, 12 November 2015

exercise weight loss fast

exercise weight loss fast

Exercise weight loss New fast- has one child, Fany Febriany (24) is often teased by her mother because of overweight. He is often referred to as mothers who already had three children. Deciding to lose weight, Fany focus on sport.
As a result, Fany original weight 62 kg succeed dropped to 53 kg within 2 months. Though he did not reduce food portions weight. Want to try? Consider the story of diet Fany
For mothers who can give exclusive breastfeeding her baby, would be very easy to return the weight to its original size as before pregnancy and childbirth. But for the mother whose milk production was slightly like me, would be very difficult.
After the birth, my weight reached 70 kg. After two months my weight had dropped to 62 kg but not further down and down again until my son reaches the age of 6 months.
Every look at me, my mother said that my body was like a mother with three children, but my son a new one. Therefore, I take the initiative to follow aerobics 2 times a week. I also diligent cycling after the dawn prayer at least 3 times a week.
Not too strict diet, I eat more fruits and avoid greasy foods. I do not reduce the portion of my meal because I am aware that the sport that I run quite heavy and if eating is reduced then it will only bring disease.
After two months my weight dropped to 53 kg and my mother finally stopped mocking me. Good luck.

Senin, 09 November 2015

Diet effective way to lose weight

Diet effective way to lose weight

Diet an effective way to lose weight - Experts always say the weight loss slow and steady is the best. But today there are studies that say weight loss quick weight was effective and did not rise again afterwards.

The study, published in The Lancet medical journal Diabetes and Endocrinology that it is contrary to international medical guidelines recommend weight loss slowly so as not easily rise again. Even nutritionists warn of the dangers of sudden weight loss diets are called crash diets because it is likely the culprit shortage of many nutrients essential for health.

During the study 200 obese adults to follow a weight loss program flash for 12 weeks or gradual loss program for 36 weeks. Followers flash program only consume calorie meal replacement between 450 to 800 every day. While dieters gradually reduce calorie intake to 500 calories a day than the recommended 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women.

Study participants experienced a weight loss of more than 12.5 percent of his body weight and then follow the weight maintenance diet for three years. Four of the participants crash diets to achieve the target of their weight compared to only half of the diet gradually.

In addition perpetrators crash diets also tend to not gain weight. In fact, both groups experienced an increase of about 71 percent of the weight that has been handed down in three years.

Nutritionists and researchers Katrina Purcell said, "Guidelines recommend a natural weight loss which gradually to overcome obesity, reflecting the widespread belief that the weight of existing flash will gain weight back. Our research uncovered achieve weight loss of 12.5 percent of the weight to be more effective and dieters who dropped out lower when done quickly. "

The study was led by Prof. Joseph Proietto of the University of Melbourne, Australia. They believe the more successful actors crash diet to lose weight as fast weight loss to give an incentive to continue dieting. Eating a meal replacement is also easier to do than with reducing the number of calories.

However, they warned of the dangers of crash diets actors deficiencies of essential nutrients needed each day. Dieters need to take supplements that have been medically approved.

Other experts say we need to be vigilant with the present invention. Kind of fad diets as diets that only drink juice or cabbage soup can be harmful to health.

Prof. Naveed Sattar of the University of Glasgow admitted concern with the study. He said that even dieters gradually also lose weight too fast in this study. "We must remember that the weight gain of obese people happened for years and lowered certainly need time for the brain and nervous system that regulates appetite had enough time to be set back," he said.

Quite so first tips you can give admin on effective diet to lose weight may be useful.

Jumat, 06 November 2015

how to streamline the bloated stomach naturally and quickly

how to streamline the bloated stomach naturally and quickly

How to streamline the bloated stomach naturally and quickly - We often complain about the hard shrink the stomach. Though when weighed, the weight of the body has come down, the stomach still looks bloated and huge. In addition to making appearances become unattractive, distended abdomen is also harmful to health. Here is a natural way of slimming belly fat, as reported by Forbes.

1. Sleeping

Lack of sleep makes you eat more. When you are tired, you will produce more ghrelin, which triggers the desire to eat sweet and fatty foods. Lack of sleep also can alter the production of hormones, affecting the level of cortisol causes insulin sensitivity, the main reason for the stomach distended. Getting around 7 hours of sleep at night is one of the best ways that you can do to get rid of bloated stomach.

2. Exercise

Do exercises that involve multiple muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. You can do basic exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, walking and gymnastics.

3. Sugar is your enemy

Reduce calories by increasing your intake of protein, vegetables, and grains. Breakfast oatmeal in the morning can also be filling the stomach longer and you avoid snacking too often.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps balance the hormone cortisol that appears when you're stres.Vitamin C is also important to make carnitine, a compound used by the body to convert fat into fuel.

5. Healthy fats

It takes fat to burn fat. Good fats, including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, avocado and walnuts. These foods are full of nutrients that help you stay full throughout the day.

Here are five natural way without slimming drugs for slimming the abdomen distended. Besides disgrace, distended abdomen also ruin your appearance. Good luck!